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Grazing Hills Fiber Arts Festival

Welcome to Grazing Hills Fiber Arts Festival


Welcome to the 2020 Fleece Sale!

Our aim is to provide the consumer with beautiful healthy, clean fiber suitable for hand spinning or other fiber arts.  

Never bought a raw fleece before? You'll be able to see and touch fleeces and have a chance to purchase them!

Our 2019 Fleece Sale was a huge success and so we are hoping the 2020 sale proves to be even better. 

Read some more about buying raw fleece and prepare for a fantastic shopping opportunity. 

Sale begins at 11 am on Saturday, July 11th  
Sale ends at 3pm on Sunday, July 12



- Read through the RULES


- Filled out an ENTRY FORM (one for each fleece)




You MUST purchase your Fleece Sale tickets and fill out the forms prior to the Festival.

Dear GHFF Fiber Producers: We’re delighted to invite you to join us at the 2ndAnnual Grazing Hills Fiber Festival’s Fleece Sale! It is scheduled this year for Saturday and Sunday, July 11th& 12th, 2020. We are looking forward to this year being another huge success!


Fleeces that have not been skirted, are heavily contaminated with vegetable matter, manure tags, staining, etc. will not be accepted for sale. Fleeces exhibiting substantial areas of weakness or are mildewed or otherwise defective will also not be accepted for sale. NO ROVINGS. RAW FIBER ONLY!!!!

Fleeces are divided into seven classes: Class A: Fine Wool, Class B: Medium Wool, Class C: Long Wool, Class D: Double Coated/ Primitive Wools, Class E: Camelid Fibers (alpaca, camel and llama), Class F: Goat Fibers (cashmere, mohair, cashgora and pygora), and Class G: Felting Fleeces. 

The 2020 Fleece Sale fee is $5 per fleece. A max limit of 25 fleeces, per grower, will be strictly enforced. There is no commission on the sale of fleeces at GHFF, so our producers receive the full sale price of their fleeces, making GHFF a standout among fleece sales! 

PLEASE make sure to include ID sales tax (6%) in your "total" price. 


 1.Sale Entry Form: The 2020 Fleece Sale Entry form is available for download below and should be completed prior to arriving at check-in. Producers are responsible for setting their own prices, and should list full fleece prices onlyon the entry form. PLEASE make sure to include ID sales tax (6%) in your "total" price. 

2. Breed Designation: Breed information should be designated as follows:  For purebred single breed: Breed Name (e.g., Merino) For crosses of more than one breed: Predominant Breed Name X (e.g., Merino X). Predominant Breed refers to the breed that is either the highest percentage breed in the cross or the breed in the cross whose qualities are most reflected in the particular fleece.  Class G: Heavily felted, cotted and matted fleeces will be accepted this year for ‘humane’ fleece rug making, and should be labeled accordingly. Lesser quality fleeces that are appropriate for felting or processing into felted batts will also be accepted, and again, should be labeled accordingly. Cleanliness guidelines still apply to felting fleeces, and those with heavy VM will not be accepted for sale. 

3. Bagging Your Fleeces: Please bring your skirted fleeces to check-in packaged in OPEN clear plastic bags. Bags must be left open to allow identifying paperwork to be placed inside. After examination, the bag will be knotted with the appropriate amount of opening for shoppers to view the fleece. 

4. Producer Information and Marketing: Purchasers appreciate additional information about your fleece, which can be provided on a separate card and included with the bagged fleece. We encourage you to provide as much information about yourself, your farm, your flock and the individual sheep and fleece, including photos of the individual sheep and a clean lock sample. Many producers, as part of their flock management, submit fiber samples for micron testing. Copies of these results are an additional marketing tool, and greatly valued by purchasers. Producer information should be enclosed in a clear plastic bag and included in the fleece bag. 


-Fleece Sale check-in is Friday, July 10th, 2020, from 10:00A to 3:00P and will be located behind the GH barn, in a white tent marked: FLEECE SALE.

-You must park in the parking lot pasture to unload fleeces. Please look for the Fleece Registration signs and tent. If inclement weather is expected, fleece check-in will be directly inside barn, tables will be marked. 

-Plan to pick up unsold fleeces on Sunday, July 13TH  by 4:00P. All fleeces not picked up by 5:00P will become the property of the Grazing Hills Fiber Festival, although we will attempt to contact you after the festival.

- A check for your sold fleeces will be mailed to you within 2 weeks after the festival.